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Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Things To Do In General List

1. Sean ;p

2. Clean my room.
I've been procrastinating forever

3. Redecorate my room.
#2 needs to be done first, but what’s the point of #3 if I’m gonna move to Aust next year?

4. Study for finals! Blood, sweat and tears~ -17 November 2005
Procrastinator Extraordinaire that is i (eg writing this list)

5. Get good enough grades to get into a uni in Melbourne to do an Economics and Finance major. I don't want to go to RMIT or LaTrobe
Although I don’t quite actually like hate studying business…

6. Learn to cook different dishes.
Cooking MaggiMee and throwing in different ingredients each time does not constitute as a different dish.

7. Save money.

8. Stop smoking regularly.
-29 october 2005

9. Gain weight
Current weight: +/- 40kg

10. Take more pretty pics!

11. Look for a suitable blog template.

12. Get Photoshop cd.
and learn how to use it

13. Learn how to use Frontpage.
If i have the time...

14. Be over and done with my finals *sigh* YAY!! -17 November 2005
-30 october 2005

The Things To Do Before I Die List
I didn't list these under "The Things To Do In General List" because it's more of stuff that can probably only happen in the distant future.

1. Design my own dress and have it made.
Money cannot be an issue

2. Get married.
Hopefully to the right person

3. Buy myself a 1 carat and above diamond ring

4. Have kids.
Ideally, 2. And no spoiled brats allowed, but somehow i have a feeling my kids might be. my poor husband XD

5. Volunteer in a third world country.
I haven't decided where and what type of work

6. Swim with dolphins. Preferably pink ones :)

7. Ride in a helicopter.

8. Go skiing.
And come back in one piece

9. See the sunrise/sunset twice in 24 hours.

10. Swim in a freshwater dune lake.

11. See the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis.

12. Buy a yacht and have it named after someone who inspires me.

13. To make a difference in the lives of people.

14. Own a horse or pony.

15. Get a D-SLR and take amazing pictures.

16. To live and work abroad.
Earning a huge fat salary in foreign currency

17. To have a countryside estate in England.

18. See Gunther Von Hagen's Bodyworlds
and be so freaked out i'd be having nightmares for ages/ be so inspired i'd want to donate my body (when i'm dead, obviously) to him

19. To visit as many of the seven wonders of the ancient/modern/natural world as possible
-29 October 2005

20. Anything that involves jumping from a height. Skydiving, BASE jumping, bungee jumping. I want to flyYyy~!!! fly like Superman~!! or a graceful pegasus!!!
yeah right, more like fall out of the sky like a bird with leadshot in it's rump...

21. I want to be an artist.
I want to create. "Give life, take it back, God-like"

22. I want to be a bartender!!

23. Swim in a warm, clean lake.
-30 october 2005

24. Watch wild horses run unbridled.
-17 November 2005

if i don't fulfill this list, i be coming back as a ghostie and go "WoOooo~"
and you better be scared!

The Shopping List
Who am i kidding? this will be a never ending list...
but i'll try to keep the items specific

1. MNG Marc Jacobs lookalike bag in brown.
The same one Hsien has, but nvm, she's in UK =p

2. Glittery/sequinned birkenstocks.
I need comfy walking shoes that don't injure my toes. I have come to a conclusion, after almost a year of wearing pointy toe flats to walk around college, that they aren't so kind to my feet are a bitch to wear.

3. Classic white tailored shirt.

4. Woven belt in bronze.

5. Heffalump.

6. Skinny scarves.

7. White winter jacket with a fur edged hood.
A black trench isn't enough to last me throughout winter!

8. An impeccably cut power suit.

9. Shirts with cufflink sleeves.

10. Bikini.

11. Embellished boho fairy/handkerchief skirt.

12. Black tube dress.
-29 October 2005

13. ialwayswantshoes.

14. Pearls.
Costume jewellery la... how to afford the real stuff.

15. White bag.
-30 October 2005

16. Jade bangle.

17. Abacus pendant.

18. Care Bears!

19. Sponge Bob Square Pants!! =D

20. Lacquered sandals with chinoiserie fabric straps.
-17 November 2005

Seems like i don't have much to list, but when i go window shopping i wanna buy everything, and "window shopping" turns into regular shopping... FAIL

The Wish List

1. I wish i could fly.

2. I wish i had more monies.

3. I wish i was a man for a day
The first thing to do is check the size of my "bits" Then wank to feel what it's like to come in less than 2 mins

4. and then I wish i could shag Angelina Jolie.
Sexiest babe alive =D~~

5. I wish i was more beautiful.
I hate you media, you who has imposed impossible standards of beauty upon us average joes!!! gaRrgHh!!

6. I wish i had super powers.

7. I wish i had bigger boobs. =p

8. I wish Sean were here.

9. I wish there was world peace.

10. I wish there was no poverty. Lets try and make it happen.

11. I wish i was a mythical being.
A pegasus, a fairie, a sorceror, a pixie, a unicorn, a giganticooz octopus.

12. I wish i was TinkerBell, living with PeterPan and the lost boys.
-29 October 2005

13. I wish my hair would grow faster...

14. I wish i had blue eyes.
like a Hobbit... @@ wahhhH!
-30 October 2005

The Places I Wanna Visit List

1. Bora-Bora
Clear turquoise water, powder white sand, abundant marine life *bloobblooob*

2. Maldives
Sea villas with plexiglass floors in the living room, hammocks suspended above the sea water, swimming pool in the living room etc *bliss*

3. New York
In winter.

4. Fraser Island
Freshwater dune lakes

5. Antarctica
I wanna kidnap a penguin. Aurora Australis, whale watching, photograph taking, iceberg licking.

6. Paris

7. Zurich
Swiss Chocolate!!! =D~
need i say more?

8. Amsterdam
no... art and architecture okay. art and architecture :)

9. Rome
Roman architecture, art.
-29 October 2005

10. The Arctic Circle
Omg, i confused the Antarctic for the North Pole for abit... *shy*
To go find Santa, duH what else. you know...
"SantaAaAa, togofind Santa in LapLandDd..."
Make friends with the eskimos; build an igloo, have some blubber, spy on mating polar bears... *giggle* hey that's a sight hardly seen by anyone ok. it will be something to remember :D

11. Greece
Explore the ancient ruins. Swim in the Aegean Sea. Learn more about greek mythology. Share my olives with a little goat named Cerberus.
-30 October 2005

The Movies To Watch List

1. LOTR 1, 2 & 3
I knowwwww! >.<>5. Sin City

6. Saw

7. Old Boy

8. Perhaps Love
Hot new chinese actress!

9. The Aviator

10. City of God

11. Brotherhood of The Wolf

12. Traffic

13. Gangs of New York

14. The Machinist

15. Moulin Rouge
Wanna watch it again and again and again and againnn and...

16. The Phantom of The Opera

17. Narnia
-17 November 2005

The Books To Read List

1. Anne Rice

2. Neil Gaiman

3. Oscar Wilde

4. Mitch Albom - The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Tuesdays With Morrie

5. Gregory Maguire - Wicked

6. Antoine De Saint-Exupery - The Little Prince

7. Douglas Adams - The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide

8. Arthur Golden - Memoirs Of A Geisha

9. Hitomi Kanehara - Snakes And Earrings

10. Anthony Bourdain - Kitchen Confidential, and the rest of it

11. Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett - Good Omens

12. Graphic Novels
Vampire: The Masquerade
Frank Miller - Sin City

13. Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things

14. Salman Rushdie - Midnight's Children, The Satanic Verses

15. Deborah Noyes - Gothic: Ten Original Dark Tales

16. Joseph Heller - Catch-22

17. George Orwell - 1984, Animal Farm

18. Jostein Gaarder - Sophie's World

19. Anthony Burgess - A Clockwork Orange

20. Adam Smith - Wealth of Nations

21. John Steinbeck
-12 January 2006

<3 your post-it notes. feel like getting one for myself too. then i can have more goals in life. *grin* hope to see you achieve most of it and soon, all of it aye? :D
i can help you achieve watching LOTR 1,2&3. :) I wanna visit all those places toooo! and see the Aurora Australis.
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